Long Gone

Sarah stepped off the hoverbus and stared at the cemetery gates. “You sure you want me to leave you here by yourself ma’am?” the operator asked with a concerned look. “This is a rough neighborhood.”

“I’ll be fine,” Sarah replied, fingering the tazer in her pocket.

“Suit yourself.” The doors to the hoverbus slid shut, and it glided silently down the street.

Sarah entered the cemetery. The headstones stared in stony silence as she walked down the concrete path. Weeping willows dotted the graveyard here and there, their branches caressing the tombs in quiet reverence. Sarah made her way to the 26th row and slowly walked to the center aisle.

By the time she reached the grave, the tears were flowing freely down her face. “I miss you so much, Danny.” She eased down to her knees and gave the memorial plate a tender kiss. “I wish you’d never gone back. If you’d just stayed…” She lovingly cleared away the leaves and detritus that covered his name.

Daniel Bohr
Born March 13 2187
Died June 6 1944

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