Running with the dogs

A man had some dogs for sale. As he put the sign up he saw a boy.
“I would like to buy one sir”
“Sorry son but these are special dogs and are very expensive”
Dejected the boy began to walk away. He turn and said " I have a dollar in my pocket would that be enough to see them?"
“Of course” with that the man turned and whistle. Out from the dog house comes a beautiful retriever and behind her what looked like four little fur balls. The boy proceeded to put his face against the chain link fence for a better view.
But looking closely the boy could make out another little shape coming, slowly. It was small and thin. It was awkwardly running to join the other puppies.
He turned to the farmer and said “I want that one”
“Oh no son that’s the runt and look at it, it would not be able to run and play with you”
The boy turned to the man and raised his pant leg reveling a steel leg brace. Looking at the man he said " You see sir, I don’t run as well, and he will need someone that understands him"

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