Unjustly Accused

“How do you plead?”
“Not guilty your honor”, I stood proudly before the court. I’d done nothing wrong and was confident that the justice system would work in my favor.

My attorney spoke. “Your honor, the defense requests that the charges be dropped. The prosecution has no actual evidence linking my client to the crime.”

From the prosecutors table came a loud protest. “SHE LIES. SHE IS THE BLANKET THIEF.” Then the accuser leapt over the table and tried to lunge toward me, all the while screaming hysterically “MY BLANKETS, MINE MINE MINE!”

Chaos reigned as the bailiffs attempted to subdue the man. He continued to fight and scream as he was wrestled to the floor, cuffed, and removed from the courtroom. The word “mine” could still be heard as he was carried away.

The judge looked baffled. The prosecutors tried to regain their composure. Excited chatter could be heard from the gallery.

I never moved from my chair and the smile never left my face. Only those sitting close could hear me whisper “nope, mine.”

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