Part 1: The Lottery

Ellen felt pride bubbling up inside as she held the winning ticket. She, her husband, and two kids had been called forth. She handed over her lottery ticket. She had won the grand prize. Mayor Schulman took the beige slip of paper, and quickly flipped the giant hourglass.

They bolted!

All four of them sprinting as fast as they could. What would she save? She had thought about it before-hand, but now her mind was drawing a blank. Justin, her son, reached their house first. Eventually, they were all inside, scrambling around, weighing their emotional attachments on their possessions.

The citizens of Hestia began lighting the ceremonial torches. Everyone, even Old-Man-Flint, had shown up, yet again, for the yearly lottery.

Thirty Seconds!” yelled Mayor Schulman as the sand dipped below the red line on the ancient instrument. Ellen began to panic. Knowing the hourglass was out-of-date, she only had a few seconds before they would begin burning down her house, whether she was inside or not.


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