Part 2: The Fire

The black smoke could be seen for miles. Everyone gathered around. Ellen’s neighbor, Martha Soubrette, began to cry; this wasn’t the first time someone had been killed in the lottery. Emotionless, Justin and Ali (Allison) began to contemplate what their replacement mom would be like.

Ellen’s mistake was not uncommon, she simply was overwhelmed by the pressure. Each of the other family members had grabbed their 1 item to save from the flames; Tom his bible, Ali her teddy bear, and Justin his basketball, but Ellen couldn’t decide.

The door burst open! Ellen Moore stood on the porch, Her dress was burned and her face was covered in soot. As she walked toward her neighbors and friends, layers of ash lifted from her shoulders into the air.

She held a blender.

She had over-looked the picture albums, Justin’s little-league trophies, her mother’s perfume, and several other things that she would soon regret leaving in the fire.

At least she was alive.

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