Just a Fleeting Dream

It’s a warm July night. Aunt Krissie and I trudge up the hill toward the tent, armed with a flashlight, a radio, and a papillon. I look forward to snuggling into the warmth of my sleeping bag and giggling until I fall asleep, all the while listening to the soothing music and chatting of the Delilah show.

This is how I spend every night for a week each summer with my aunt. I don’t really know why we set up a tent in her yard and sleep out. It’s just something we do. Every night we go up the hill to the tent, listen to the radio, and just talk about life.

There are more than thirty years separating us, but I swear she is one of my best friends. We just seem to get each other, you know? It’s during these winter months that I think most about those July nights. This is the time of year that the school work takes a turn for the worse. I barely have time for myself, let alone other people.

Tonight I’m sitting in my room, listening to Delilah, and yearning for July. For now, it’s just a fleeting dream.

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