Renewal 6

I continued to speed towards the mountains as more officers joined the chase. Soon there must have been four or five squad cars chasing me. A helicopter swooped in over head and dropped a spike strip in my path. I swerved in an attempt to dodge it but instead my car lost control and I spun wildly towards the desert landscape. The G’s pulled from the centrifugal force caused by spinning out at 160 mph almost knocked me unconscious. I remembered the fighter pilot technique of holding in air then forcing it out and up keeping the blood in my head. When my car finally came to rest I was surrounded by cops. I panicked, I didn’t know what to do, then it happened…the glove compartment was open, exposing a Berretta with an extra clip near by.

I snatched it up forcing the magazine into the grip of the gun, I pulled back the hammer and prepared to meet whoever came to me with a helluva handshake.

The first officers appeared. I gathered my nerve, turned, took aim, and fired one shot after another. Pigs. They bleed.

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