The Passion That Overcame Reason

The first day of Summer was uncomfortably sticky, drenching the courtroom in sweat. The judge’s bald head would have been shining, even in the dimly lit room, if it weren’t for his elaborate wig.

“The jury has come to a verdict,” boomed the judge behind imposing wooden barriers. “Due to the overwhelming evidence, we find Harrison Flume guilty of the murder of Professor Welling.”

Harry flinched at the announcement, and kept his glistening eyes locked on his cuffed wrists.

“In two days’ time, Mr Flume will hang from-”

“Wait!” a waif-like voice shrieked from the back of the audience. The woman who had screamed out leapt onto her feet, spraying tears that dripped from her cheeks towards the viewers in front of her. “I killed the Professor!”

“But… the evidence… the facts…” the judge blustered.

“You’ve got it wrong!” She insisted, her thin legs shaking. “I confess; its me.”

“Very well. Release Mr Flume.”

In minutes, Harry’s shackles were gone. As he passed her, she whispered, “I’ll always love you.”

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