Granny loves Fluffles!

‘Here Fluffles!’, she called, sculpting the finishing touches of the smoked salmon cake she had made for his birthday.

After a few minutes, she called again, more urgently this time. It was unlike Fluffles to miss a meal – and it was his birthday, after all. With a sigh of relief, she saw him come strolling up the path, looking very pleased with himself. He appeared to have something in his mouth – a small, finger, like that of a child.

Horrified, she scooped him up off the doorstep, yanked the finger out of his mouth, and threw it into the hedge. Fluffles wriggled and struggled in her grip, clawing slightly at her. ‘Oh now don’t you complain,’ she muttered sternly, ‘Mummy doesn’t want you eating anything horrid like that on your birthday!’ Ignoring his protestations, she tied a big pink bow round his neck, smothering him in cuddles. ’Aren’t you getting cranky in your old age?’ she scolded as she sat down with him tucked under her arm, feeding him tidbits of salmon cake from a small silver spoon.

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