Chapter 19 - End of the Line - Page 232

having minimal baggage landing in Vancouver. The travelling had ended months ago but I still found myself wandering and searching; constantly lost and alone. Amber’s departure from my life left more of a caveat than I had originally assumed. Vancouver brought back memories of what I felt at the time were better days. This brought me some much needed comfort. Family was now close at hand for the first time in a while. My first stop was obvious.

I stood outside my brother’s place for a good 15 minutes, trying to think of a great way to make an entrance.

“Fake UPS guy? No, that’s been done and he probably hasn’t ordered anything recently. Telegram? Did people still do that? No, that’s dumb.”

Finally my brain hooks the wires up right. I hadn’t seen my brother in 2 years. With his movies and my photography, we were always on opposite sides of the world. Maybe just showing up would be the best entrance.

I ring the doorbell.

“Be there in a second.”

I try a relaxed face, but my smile takes over.

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