When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 4

After my usual lecture of how I’m letting trouble destroy my life and I could be great if I learned to control my anger I was allowed to leave punishment free as long as this was the last time and I had to do after school volunteer work. Blondie was outside the office holding my stuff. “I brought it so no one else would touch it.” He said bashfully. I ripped them from his hands mumbled a thanks and rushed towards my next class. I heard feet dragging behind me trying to follow me but not get too close. “Look thanks ok? Leave me alone.” I said as I turned towards him.

He walked up to me and got in my face, “What did I do to make you hate me? I’ve been nothing but nice. Yeah so what little miss emo I’m popular and I shop at Hollister and Abercrombie that gives you no right to hate me.” He yelled at me and shoved me out of his way. Nobody had ever stood up to me before like that. I stood there dazed and confused. ‘What the hell?’ I asked myself.
I walked into my Bio class and sat down at the table, he was there.

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