When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 5

He walked by me and glared, it felt like it went on for hours. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but he was different. He wasn’t a jerk like all the other guys in the school and I was a jerk to him. Aiden walked in and hugged me as he sat down.
“Cuppycake! We have a class together!” He smiled, his black hair fell over his left eye his blue eye piercing through a forest of hair.
I scooted closer to him and grabbed his right hand I doodled and a cartoon cupcake on his hand and wrote cuppycake above it.
“Now you’re mine.” I giggled as the Professor walked in.

“Sit down, you hooligans.” He growled, drawing a diagram on the chalkboard. Everyone sat whispering to each other. Blondie sat at the front of the class glaring at me, or so I thought. I looked again and the glare was directed at Aiden. ‘Does he think we’re together?’ I thought.
Aiden grabbed my hand and just held it, code for when we had to talk but couldn’t. He turned toward me with a frown on his face it lasted a millisecond and vanished like the wind.

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