So Long Jinx! Hello PetsMart®!

Thank God Sarah bit the cat!

It had started becoming a real nuisance. We had spent too many sleepless days due to its constant meowing, and, at night, when we came near, Jinx would hiss.

What was a Christian-Orthodox family of zombies to do with a living cat?

We would have eaten the cat; it’s not like that never crossed our minds, but we only craved undead, human tissue. The idea of eating a cat is…barbaric!

But Jinx continued to act as if we were monsters, so we trapped him in the living room. He tried to vanish under the sofa, but we knew that trick. Beforehand, we unscrewed the legs, and the couch now sat flatly on the carpet. There was nowhere to hide.

I grabbed him.

He cut open my right forearm, causing a spilling of my spluge.

SPLUGE: Zombie blood of greenish-brown color(Webster’s Dictionary).

Sarah leaned in, and took her first bite of cat.

We only meant to make him a zombie, but we couldn’t fight the mouthwatering meal! Human was like spam in comparison to this fancy feast!

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