A Conversation With Shay

“Before we die, Shay,” I said to my best friend, “we have to promise each other one thing.”


“We have to go on that European road trip we’ve always wanted to do,” I smiled at her.

“Yes! We do, but right after we meet Mark Wahlberg and Taylor Swift.”

“Then we’ll meet your favorite actors and stuff! No, we have to go skydiving, I don’t care. We have to.”

“Okay, okay, but right after we go shopping in Paris.”

“Oh my God, we have to eat a whole tub of ice cream watching 13 Going On 30!”

“Then we have to burn off all those calories when we go swimming somewhere in California.”

“We have to double date with our boyfriends, no doubt.”

“Most def, and we have to go on a cruise through like Hawaii!”

“I already did that with my family, Shay,” Shay shot me a funny look.

“Fine, then we’ll go to England on a cruise ship. Those guy’s accents are so hot!”

“Uh, no. That is something I refuse to do. Second to scuba diving.”

“Awe! I wanted to go see the ocean!”

“No way.”

“I love you.”

“Love you too.”

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