Serves Him Right

Playah246 heyy sxc asl?

You Ehh, what?


Playah246 i sed u is hawt gurl … how old r u?

You Em.. Thanks. I’m 17.

Playah246 niice Send me a pic?

What a douche.

You You already know what I look like.

Playah246 i duno wat ur tits look like ;)

Eurgh, this guy is so seedy.

Playah246 comon gurl. ill send u wun of me and u send me wun of uu

You Don’t particularly want to see your tits, thanks.

Playah246 u kno wat i mean. u sho me ur tits ill show u my teninch

Yuck. Really I should end this conversation right now.

Playah246 here chek it out.

I open the e-mail. Hah! No way this is his dick! No guy on the net has a dick this big!

Click Forward.

Click All.

You I’m sure all my friends will just love seeing it. Enjoy network ridicule, smalldick.

Playah246 bitch

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