Reaching and Settling

“I don’t know why you read this garbage,” Seth said, picking up the copy of Cosmo from beside the bed. “It’s just overpriced makeup and sex tips… not that you ever use any.”
“Sometimes I need a break from the stuff I have to read; it’s like junk food,” replied Angie, trying to grab it away from him.
“Oh, here’s a good article,” Seth mocked. “In every relationship, there’s a reacher and a settler. One person reaches up in the relationship, while the other settles for someone below him or her. Lame. Besides, it’s easy to dole out those roles in our relationship,” said Seth.
“Put it away. It’s not a discussion starter. Sometimes it’s just nice to read something that doesn’t require a whole lot of brain power.”
“Exactly. No brain power. Now I see the appeal,” said Seth, standing at the door. He turned and said, “Reacher,” before walking out.
The Next Day
Seth walked into the house to see Angie packing. “What the hell are you doing?” he asked.
“Agreeing. I am reaching for something… it’s just not you.”

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