Charming Prince

Once upon a time their was a charming prince, who met a charming princess and for a time the prince and princess were happy together and dreamed of a happily ever after far away from the princesses wicked step-father and from the monsters that the prince tried to leave in the past.

The princess made all the nightmares in the princes head go away, and kept him safe from the monsters that lurked in the dark places in his mind, and the prince loved the princess with all his heart. But one day the princess became very ill, and the doctors said that they could do nothing, but that the princess was in a better place.

The prince knew they were lying.

But the prince remembered the fairy tales that the princess loved so much and the prince knew he could bring the princess back to him if only he had the right pieces.

So the prince went to find other princesses to help him bring his princess back. They would not understand, but the prince would have his princess back, and they would help; no matter what.

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