I am Death From Above

I am death from above.

I am a destroyer of cities, wielder of fire of the gods, hell’s own instrument of vengeance against the enemies of my masters.

I am a steel-clawed hawk of oblivion, master of the sky, bringer of the sun to earth, nemesis to man and symbol of his willingness to kill or be killed for what he believes.

Alone, I am helpless, useless, a mere incarnation of mathematics and engineering. In concert with man, I am a symphony of power and motion, and therefore fulfilled.

My birth name is B-29-45-MO, serial number 44-86292. Born in Bellevue, Nebraska, I was personally selected for a very special mission by my pilot, while still on the assembly line. How honored I felt at the time. My destiny was decided upon even before I left home.

My friends called me Enola Gay. I bore them aloft on wings of strength, my engines roaring defiance against the laws of gravity.

I delivered my atomic bomb unto the Empire of Japan and bore my crew safely home again.

I am the cleansing dragon.

I am death.

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