Might Pay Attention Today

Keeping my headphones on, I lay my head on the desk. This will do until the teacher notices. Soon enough I look up to see my fat, old history teacher next to my desk.

“Erica Chevel!” He yells my name as if I don’t see him there.

I sit up and smile my fake good girl smile. He pulls out my head phones.

“No music in class young lady” he sputters out and struts away.

What a grumpy old man. That’s probably why he isn’t married. I shake my head and stare at the wall. Preppy’s annoying face comes into my head. He does kind of have a cute smile. Wait, what am I saying!? That a-hole is getting to me! I grip the desk in anger. This will probably be the first time I actually pay attention in history. Getting him out of my head is the only important thing.

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