Starting Again

He worked hard to get his pilot’s license. Extensive training, inflight tests of emergency situations, and thousands of hours of supervised flight time had finally paid off. He obtained his certification in record time and with high accolades. Companies sought him for employment, but he turned them all down. He had only one reason to want to be a pilot…to fake his own death.
Now here he sat, behind the stick, preparing for his leap of faith. He set the autopilot, hoping to throw any potential rescuers off course by letting the plane “fly” itselfs for as long as it chose. He checked his parachute once more to ensure proper safety, then opened the cockpit door. The wind whipped around him, trying to pull him into the air and after a deep breath, he let it.
He’d skydived before, but the prospect of starting new gave it new life. He felt like a bird diving for his dinner as the wind slapped his face. He pulled the cord to open his chute, becoming a soaring eagle as he drifted gently to earth.

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