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I stood on the podium and faced the mirrors. That was when a smile crossed my lips and I thought yes, this was the dress. In my favorite shade of blue, this dress fit me in all the right places. The dress was strapless and flowed to the bottom.

For just a second I didn’t notice the person staring back at me. I felt different. I never before had a dress that fit me so well and seemed to reflect me. I felt beautiful, inside and out.

“Aw Steph,” my friend Hayley said to me from the side of the room, “You look gorgeous.”

I grinned and stared back in the mirror. The love of my life came into my mind. He was standing next to me. I in my dress, him in a tux and our arms linked. It seemed like the perfect place to be. At that moment then I realized I owed this night to myself. It surely was a night to remember. It was

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