You Belong With--

“She’s on the phone dude, I can’t.” I started.

“You two belong together.” Jack said.

“She’s not into guys like me. Her boyfriend wears Nike, I wear converse. He wears shutter shades, I wear contacts. He’s a rap star and I’m just an orchestra nerd.”

“It’ll be easy,” He replied.

“Hey Brian,” Lena said.

God that smile could light up a whole town.

“I never got a chance to say thanks for listening to my boy troubles. You always make me laugh even when I’m about to cry. I can always count on you even in the middle of the night.” Lena continued.

“I’ll always be around to talk too. But don’t you think that just maybe you belong with—”

“Yo Brian, I heard that you made regional orchestra. I’m really happy for you and I’m going to let you finish talking to Lena but can I just say that Lena you are the best girl of all time and I’m sorry for last night.” Kanye interrupted.

“I forgive you.” She said.

They walked away before I could finish. “Me!” I yelled furiously, “You belong with me!”

Kanye ruins everything.

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