Anger Be Now Your Song

My grip tightened on the arms of my chair. If I didn’t vent soon, my fury would consume me, but only mentally. Unfortunately, I cannot die.

My name is Abranis. I regret my decision to accept immortality on Earth. I took the coward’s way of life, to not accept death. How stupid of me. I, with no resolve or willpower, set to walk this plane forever. Ha, I’m an idiot.

When I chose immortality, it was because death was certain, and I wasn’t ready. Now, I wish I had just accepted death. Nothing comes without a price. With eternal slumber came a feeling of deep disappointment that I hadn’t done what I wanted to do. With eternal waking, comes eternal anger.

Anger is everything to me now. My life’s song is anger. My thoughts are violent, but I’ve managed to push them down in the last century or so. I don’t kill anymore. I haven’t been in a fight in over a decade. Quite frankly, I’m proud of myself.

But today, I fear that streak may be broken.

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