Plight of the Caveman

It had not been a great day for Ugh so far.

It started when a bear lurched into his cave, and decided it was a rather nice cave all things considered, and that actually Ugh was the only thing in the cave he didn’t like, and so had attacked him. Ugh had recently found a remarkably pointy rock and had been waiting for an opportunity to try it out, but he wasn’t prepared for that opportunity to wake him up when the sun wasn’t even that high in the sky yet.

The fairly complex plans for a round wheely sort of device that he’d drawn on the cave wall with a white rock had been smudged in the struggle, and now he couldn’t recall what shape it was supposed to be.

Later, men from the hills came and took his fire. He wasn’t at all pleased about that. He liked his fire. It was the only thing he had to remind him of his wife, who had died whilst trying to start a fire.

As the moon and thousands of tiny stars illuminated the sky, Ugh sat down with his favorite bone, and proceeded to hit his favorite rock with it.

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