When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 8

The rest of the week went without anything worth reliving. Aiden, Sammie, and I hung out everyday at my house working on homework and rocking out. Mike was always hanging out with the preppy kids. Today he was at the mall shopping with Christa Jacobs, one of the sluttiest human beings on the face of this planet, Aiden and I were working at Hot Topic that day, their pose walked past me. Sammie came walking into the store, she waved as Mike passed by he glanced and grimaced.

“What the hell is his problem?” She said as she bought new gages.
“I don’t know, now you know why I didn’t want to bring him along to the concert.” I said, “$17 for the gages sunshine.” Aiden brought out a stack of t shirts that went above his head. He walked cautiously to the counter. Along the way there was a hanger on the floor, he walked and fell forward.
“FUCK!”, He yelled as he hit the ground, every neat and tidy shirt fell around him; the battle field of karma. Sammie and I laughed and ran to help him and the shirts up.

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