The Girl that Never Was.

Separated at birth from a womb that did not care …Liza knew she was never wanted. “Walking down that rocky road” she sang while on the long dark highway in Denver colorado.

Visions of fame and fortune entered Liza mind when she was young. And she was given several opportunities to make her dreams come true. It was ripped away, evil forces lurked.

Always struggling to fit in, Liza found comfort in drugs, art and music.
Liza wandered many nights alone, scared & with little food and no shelter. Her adopted parents loved her but there was no understanding.
Her art was idiosyncraticly strange but her imagination was vast.

Did Liza die at the hands of a hit man? Liza lived as fast as she died. Death upon her. She laid clues with in writings and art. The question begs “Who has the writings and where is the art”.

Investigators trying to unravel a mystery. Where are the writings and where is the art? Look around, is it on your wall? Or maybe it is sitting on the publishers desk…..

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