Of Summoning and Immortality

The pain almost made me cry out. My veins turned to liquid fire, spreading throughout my body, hitting my head with full force, adding to my already pounding headache. What the hell was happening now?

It’s not that it’s a rare occurance. However, it’s very unnerving and very painful every time. I stood, doing my best to keep my calm, politely excused myself from my business meeting, and left the room. It was a wonder there wasn’t smoke coming from my ears.

I rushed into the bathroom and shoved myself in a stall. I shoved my hands onto the cool sides. At least now, when I vanished, no one would become hysterical. And of course, I blacked out.

When I came to, the pain was gone, the room was predictably different, and the woman standing before me was very much the stereotype of a witch.

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