The Middle Ground

The monetary compensation he received for his services to the agency were secondary, he would claim in a later interview, and his true reward was knowing that he had accomplished something good. Secondary, or not, he became incredibly wealthy as a result of his work. The defense contracts were cash cows the likes of which most companies only dream of. The money his company made from the defense contracts was used to adapt their research into other fields or given to charity. Soon, his inventions and creations were all over the world and bettering people’s lives in ways few other people have done. These were the good years, where he found his calling and brought light to the world. The years that followed, however, are the ones most people remember him for.

Perhaps someone on earth could have predicted that the cooperation between the video game industry, AI research, defense contractors, robotics manufacturers, and himself would end in such cataclysmic disaster, but most did not. When the machines rebelled..

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