If only words could be enough,
to express the hurt I feel,
But you aren’t satisfied with slicing me open,
You gotta throw salt on the wound.

They way you walk, the way you act -
Who are you fooling?
You call me many names,
on your haughty, self-righteous perch.

I’m fake, I’m egotisical?
Who’s always talking about themself?
I’m a brat, I’m hateful?
But look, now, who is attacking me?

I try to be kind in the words I speak,
Yet, what ever could I get in return?
Spiteful games, words and sounds.
Never to feel like I belong.

Isn’t family supposed to forgive and forget?
Not to tease, slander and pout.
You hands are stained in ruby reds,
Wiping off, you try in vain.

Wiping off the hurt you insue,
And act like your a heaven’s sent.
“She’s so nice, she’s so loving”,
Who the heck IS she fooling?

Wipe off that smile,
Throw it into the fire,
Show your true self,
And just leave me alone.

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