Dr. Green stepped out of the room as I started to work. No stomach for tech I guess. Humans are like that, very uncomfortable with robots that look like them. For a long time there seemed to be an unspoken agreement in the manufacturing world that a robot shouldn’t look quite human. You could still find a few the the older models that looked like fancied up dolls, not quite right – a little too perfect to be real. But once Intel passed the line with the first NDA (Non-Discernible Android), all bets were off.

This one must have been expensive; she was quite the looker

I felt around her the hairline of her forehead for the telltale entry notch. Like humans, most of a ’droids personality was housed in the frontal lobe. Once opened, I found the circuit causing the problem quickly and managed a re-route. It was no big deal really, all the upper end models had redundant circuitry.

As I prompted the new pathways to take hold, she sat straight up.

“Personality reboot in progress, 35 seconds to reload.”

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