To the Realm of Galhuin

“What?” her voice carried away by the wind. She stared in shock at the old man.
“The only way to reach the Realm of Galhuin, and to reach safety, is to abandon hope,” the old man repeated.
“But hope is all I have left. How can I abandon it?” she said. She shook her head in disbelief. If she gives up hope, then she has nothing.
“It is the only way. You must hurry though. For the Faliv are coming,” the old man said, voice calm. She looked behind her, and it was true. The Faliv were coming up the mountain to get her. The last living Heluya. If she didn’t leave now, then her kind was doomed.
“How? How do I give up hope?” she asked. The old man must know. He was a Denijua. Denijuas knew just about everything. Only he shook his head.
“It isn’t something that can be teached. You simply accept it,” he said, “I must pass. I wont let myself be caught. I wish you luck.” Then the old man faded away.

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