To the Realm of Galhuin 2

“No! Come back!” she shouted. But he already left. She turned around. The Faliv were half way up the mountain. You simply accept it. But how could she just abandon hope. It was what made her go on.
But she had to. She had to save the Heluya blood line. She had to go and leave hope behind. But once she does, how does she get to the Realm of Galhuin?
“Hurry men!”
“We’re almost there!”
“She’s in sight!”
She heard voices behind her. Soon the Faliv would reach her, and she would be killed. She was a Heluya, and they weren’t allowed to live. King’s orders.
“Sometimes, hope doesn’t get it done,” she said firmly. Then she faded away as the Faliv reached out for her.

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