An Unexpected Interruption

Mike ushered Tina into the diner and the two sat down at the bar. “Evening, Sam,” Mike said as the older man came over to take their order. “Can we get a couple cups of Joe?”

“Sure thing, Mike. Two coffees coming up!” Bill filled two mugs and set them down on the counter.

The bell over the door jingled as another man entered the diner. Tina didn’t seem notice, lost in fingernail maintenance, but Mike looked up to find the man staring directly at him. The man looked familiar, but Mike couldn’t quite place where he had seen him before. He gave the man a friendly nod and returned his attention to his coffee.

Mike was soon unnerved by the sensation of being watched. He looked up again, and the man slowly pulled his jacket aside, revealing a pistol holstered under his arm. The man jerked his head toward the door. One of Johnny’s men.

“I, uh, left my wallet in the car,” Mike explained to Tina. “I’ll be right back.” He slowly got up and moved toward the door, making sure his own revolver was easily accessible.

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