A Gentleman's Game

“Now that is a woman,” Gerard commented under his breath as he stepped into the Egyptian artifacts room of the museum. The klaxon of the security alarms was only a slight irritation as his gaze swept the open space, searching for his prize.

There, in the far case. Shimmering with a gentle blue glow, the hue of an evening sky lit by a marvelous full moon. It was magical. Or so he had been told.

He glanced briefly at his watch. With the guard incapacitated he would be offered just a few extra seconds of relief in his escape, but not much more. He still had to act quickly.

He approached the case and peered inside. Contained within the glass encasement was a very small, yet intricately ornate sapphire ring.

“Midrala,” he whispered, “beloved ornament of my people. You will soon be returned.”

He pulled out a cutting tool and began the delicate work of slicing a hole through the casing.

“You know, the alarm’s been tripped,” a soft female voice behind him said. “You can just break the glass.”

Gerard smiled.

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