The World May Be Done, But Love Is Never-ending

I finally found her.

I must have tracked that no-good bitch for days after she got away from me.
I thought when her new man was out of the picture it would all be easy. I hadn’t noticed how many of the shambling bastards were in the bushes the night I shot the lock off her boyfriend’s front door. They’d tried to hold up in that dive he called a home. She might be able to avoid them but she’d never get away from me. The sniper training from Uncle Sam had come in handy that night, luck just wasn’t on my side.

So here I am sitting on a hill overlooking a dead highway. I take a look through my binoculars one last time to make sure she was there. Sure enough, She was loping around slowly with a group of three. Easy pickings. Decided to take a quick inventory of my pack: chain, padlocks, chloroform, rope, extra ammo, it was all there.
Now all that was left was to get rid of her new friends and get her back to the place I had scouted out. I told her we’d be together forever, and I meant it.

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