Only Two Creatures On God's Green Earth Kill For Sport

“He was a quiet boy. Not quite two, fair skinned, blue eyed. His mother’s child in every conceivable form of the word. Too young, too sheltered to be afraid. He let it in, let it lick his face, cried as it-”
Even now, even looking at it, I can’t quite bring myself to say it.
“And your wife?”
I swallowed. It didn’t taste like swallow, it tasted like bile.
“She didn’t know. Didn’t know what to think, what to expect. She shooed the cat, kicked it, grabbed our little one, lifted him close. She was too busy crying, screaming, running for the phone to see it recover. It sank its teeth into her ankle. That’s all it takes. Just a bite, just the one.”
“Your daughter?”
“She knew. She knew something was wrong. She didn’t know what. She was 8. She thought Mommy was sad, but Mommy was already gone. When I found them, it was… over.”
“Sir, we issued a class 4 quarantine. How’d they escape?”
“I had to come back. I couldn’t leave them.”
“And the cat?”
I could still feel the bones against my teeth.
“Taken care of.”

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