The Golem

Terron watched in dismay as the relentlessly approaching stone golem easilly resisted his last spell. The golem had finally chased Terron into a dead end of the maze, and Terron had now run completely out of magical power.

Strangely, Terron’s life failed to pass before his eyes in his suspected final moments. Instead, he found himself hyper-focused on the fact that he could still taste the lamb and potato stew he had at the Adventurer’s Guild for lunch earlier in that day.

He remembered that the spoon he got with his meal was actually clean for a change, and that the new serving girl had even smiled at him when he spoke to her. He recalled that he felt that his day had gotten off to a great start, and was now realizing that the meal he had in the Adventurer’s Guild was likely the last meal he would ever eat.

So, as the golem closed in with it’s invulnerable stone fists ready to destroy Terron, all he found himself able to do was to simply grin a bit and say “Lamb stew…” to his stone enemy.

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