Day 36: Friendship Books By Various Authors

February 5th

“I’ve been reading a lot of books these past two weeks,” Robin said pulling books out of his bag, “Take Me There, Because of Winn Dixie, A Separate Peace, The Outsiders—”

“Robin can you just get to the point?” I interrupted.

“You want to know what the point of all this is?” He asked, getting louder, “The point is that all these books are about friendship. I think you should read up on it.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that when I said I would always be there for you I thought the feeling was mutual! These past few weeks you’ve seemed to have crawled under a rock. I’ve called you, went to your house, I even went so far as to write letters to you and shoved them in your locker. And I don’t even get a simple hello from you letting me know that you did didn’t fall of the face of the earth.”

“I—I’ve been busy with things.”

“Yeah busy with someone is more like it.”

“Why can’t you just talk to someone else!” I yelled frustrated.

“Because it’s not the same.” He whispered.

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