Carol Never Wore Her Safety Goggles. Now She Doesn't Need Them.

Every morning I walk into my Chemistry class and glance behind the teacher’s desk. Carol is always there, staring back at me with her sightless eyes. I take pity on her. I feel like I share some kind of bond with this mysterious blind woman.

Sometimes I just want to give her a hug; to tell her that everyone makes mistakes. Everything will be alright. Of course, my classmates would not support this type of behavior. They would probably have me committed to a mental institution if I actually began talking to Carol.

I named my calculator after her. I felt that she needed to be remembered for more than her mistake. I just wanted to be on her side; to show her my support.

Now, to you, I may not seem so crazy. I may seem compassionate and loyal. Ready to change your mind?

Carol is not a real person.

Carol is a picture and a catchy saying on a poster, used to help Chemistry students remember to wear their safety goggles in the lab.

Carol never wore her safety goggles. Now she doesn’t need them.

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