Martians in Kansas

Ever since I was a newborn calf, I have had this irrational fear of Little Green Men. It started when the calves at 4H were telling spooky tales around the barn about mysterious middle of the night invaders from the skies. That scared the hay out of me.

“Now, Butch,” Mom said when I asked. “It’s just an old cow’s tale. There’s no such thing as Martians in Kansas.”

But last night, something weird happened. From down in our corn field, came a lot of commotion, flashing lights, loud popping sounds, sirens and more men and dogs than I have ever seen on this farm. After a while, they all came back out again, dragging four orange Martians that glowed in the flash of the lights.

Funny. I always thought Martians were green.

When I told all this to Mom, she just laughed and said I would understand the world of men when I get older.

All in all, this has been a moving experience and I intend to be really cautious in the future. Despite what Mom says, there really are Martians in Kansas and I hope they don’t get me.

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