I don’t remember much. I remember she was driving way too fast, especially given the rain.

I can’t accurately explain the feeling of hitting a guardrail head on at 85 MPH. Or having your glasses shatter into your face with the impact of an airbag. We spun off the rail back into the road where we where hit again by an oncoming pickup. I saw Rose kick forward in the drivers seat and hit the dash and then felt a sharp pain of my own.

Rose’s dad had left earlier that evening and she’d come to pick me up. Her eyes screamed in pain she explained that her drunk mother had blamed it all on her.

I remember the windshield shattering in on us and the first thing I did was turn the radio off. I remember not being able to see though the rain and stumbling out of the twisted metal. Forgetting how to walk and falling into the broken glass. Thumbing 911 and crying that my best friend was bleeding.

It’s surreal really, like you have accelerated senses and your movements are all exaggerated. I’d never been that scared.

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