Gaining Trust

“You do need to come out sometime, y’know” The voice was gentle, a soothing reassurance that everything was okay. It was the softly firm tones of an adult with a lot of practice.

From within the muffled confines came the pout “No! I’ll live here forEVER.”

Sighing very quietly, she delicately rested a hand on the top cushion, that was shakily supported by four other large seat cushions. She was amazed the boy could even breath, wedged tight in the gloom. “Look, don’t you have stuff you want to do out here? Forever’s a long time and there’s a lot out in the world. It’d miss you.”

“The world?” It was a question full of wonder, how could the world want him.

“Yup, surely you have plans.” It was a serious game now.

“Well,” The word trailed off, the boy weighing up the pros and cons of sharing with an adult his treasure trove of ideas. A small head poked out from the other side of the fort, fixing her with the worldly, quizzical gaze only a six year old can give. “I’m going to…”
The list began.

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