Delays And Distractions

I was about to inform Peretti about his new position, when a loud banging was heard from down the hall. “What the hell?!” I shouted.

“Dammit!” Janzen yelled. “We barricaded the stairwells at either end of the hall, both here and on the ground floor. We didn’t think they’d get through so fast.”

“Sir?” It was Abercrombie. Well, he’d recovered his ability to speak, at least. “I… I watched what they did to… to Samantha…” His voice cracked a bit. He took a deep breath. “Lt. Brown, sir. With their strength, they’ll be through the doors in five minutes. Ten, tops.”

Great. And rescue still 15 minutes out. I turned to the group. “I want options, people!”

Peretti spoke up first. “There’s a body in the hall, a Dr. Young. Cut the body in half, and put it by either door. That’ll stop’em!”

That smirk, again. “You sure?” James. Again. Great.

“Hell, yeah!” Peretti piped up. “After all, ghouls just want a half Young!”

One bullet, I thought. No one would blame you. Might even get a commendation. Damned ethics.

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