Wishing You A Hot Doctor Too

It was Valentine’s Day, and she was stuck in this damn hospital.

She though about how the only red she would be seeing today is that of her own blood, which the nurse had greedily taken at three this morning.

She thought about how thousands of roses would be delivered, none of which would be coming to her room.

She thought about the millions of chocolates that were going to be devoured that day, and how she wouldn’t even be able to have a bite of one.

She though about the lovely cards that were probably being delivered this very moment, while she was stuck in this bed.

She thought of the beautiful love songs that would be played, and how none would be dedicated to her.

She thought of all the hugs and kisses that would be shared, and how no one would even come to hold her hand.

“Hello Charlotte, I’m Dr. Drake, and I’ll be taking care of you.”

She looked up and saw a gorgeous smiling man with twinkling green eyes.

It was then that she thought maybe this Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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