Advances in Science (A Touch of Madness challenge entry)

The young scientist was walking slowly around the nameless patient while explaining the helmet’s abilities to the old politician.

“As you can see,” the young scientist stated “the helmet has several points of contact on the inside which deliver precisely tuned electrical shocks.”

The nameless patient stared straight ahead, with a look that most people would say was Content, where it was actually a look of Disinterest.

The young scientist continued – “The shocks are administered to deprive the brain of chaotic interruptions like emotion, creativity and other impulses.”

The old politician nodded in approval while regarding the nameless patient, who was staring straight ahead with no inclination of hearing the conversation in the room.

Finally, the old politician found it appropriate to speak – “Excellent! So efficient and useful for our goals. But I do have one question – can you make it hurt?”

The young scientist considered the nameless patient, with eyebrows raised. It, of course, could be done.

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