Big Game, Big Problem

“Coach, we can’t do it. You gotta put in Henders.”

The crowd clamored uneasily as if to emphasize the young woman’s plea. The game had only a few minutes left, a few precious minutes, perhaps enough time for a few clutch three pointers to turn the tide and save the championship. Coach Ned just shook his head and went back to the white board.

“Coach, I’ll sit. It’s fine. Put in Henders,” offered the guard, another senior.

“No, coach, I’ll sit,” chimed in the forward, a plucky junior.

Any of the five girls in at the moment would have said the same, and their nods hinted at as much. Still, their coach would not answer.

“Damn coach,” the center spoke up, “why ain’t you played her since…since she had them doctor appointments? Put her in, coach. Put her in, or I’ll sit.”

Frustration pulsed through the artery across his left temple as the weary man weighed his words carefully. There was no easy way to put this.

With a heavy sigh he uttered in hushed tones, “Let’s just say it’s not an option.”

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