What If?

What if all that was bad
was good for a day?
Blacks, Immigrants, gays,
loved for a day?
What if war and depression
just went away?
If all of this happened,
what could we say?

“Oh, praise the lord”?
Whether or not he’s real,
let’s chant about him,
everyone, kneel!
But what if one day,
atheists mouths were sealed?
Or if everyone could freely
express what they feel?

What if guns were broken,
each one destroyed?
Generals, Soldiers,
became unannoyed.
If instead of anger,
in your mind was a void.
A void filled with good things,
candy or toys.

If everyone was happy,
nobody depressed?
If nothing bad happened,
bad feelings, repressed.
What if instead of homelessness,
everyone got a nest?
We could all fly free,
fly above the rest.

But if there is no sadness,
what is our world then?
A world with complete peace,
is one without humans.

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