Ancient Chinese Secrets

“Danny, hand me that shovel. This is gonna get ugly.” The instrument requested was deposited in my outstretched hand. I never once took my eyes off the well-groomed ninjas surrounding us.
It had taken months for Mr. Morimoto to find me, but he always finds what he’s looking for. Now here I stood, surrounded by gray-suited, slick-haired Asians, my partner quivering beside me.
I sort of deserved the beating. After all, I did steal the man’s most prized possession, but he had it coming. He had stolen mine and returned it in less than satisfactory condition.
“If you kill me, you’ll never find her.” They only stared in response with their black, soulless eyes. They may have looked like business men, but they were notorious for their ruthlessness. This fact seemed to get the better of my partner. He fainted dead away.
As if one cue, the first of my sparring partners stepped forward. I wasn’t trained with years of discipline and ancient Chinese secrets, but I could put a hurtin’ on them. They would see.

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