Coming of Age: Ritual of Light

Eton could sense the feelings of awe, respect, and reminiscence resonating throughout the Mind. The other Persenian consciousnesses were gathering, wrapping around him like a warm blanket. His excitement shifted to nervousness as the thoughts of the Elders grew close, the other minds growing silent as the ceremony began.

Eton, Progeny of the Community, we gather with great pride to welcome you among the Sensing.

Congratulatory thoughts swirled around him and drifted away as the Elders continued.

For twenty-five cycles, you have grown and served, nurturing young ones as you yourself were fostered. We, the Elders of the Mind, ask you now to become more. As the body needs intellect for wisdom, so it also needs vision to perceive. Would you, Eton, now serve as an Eye, to look out into the Universe to see that which has not yet been seen?

I will.

Then open your eyes.

It was then, on the eve of Eton’s 25th cycle, that he saw for the first time. He did not know what he beheld, but it was beautiful.

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