Phone Call

“I’m sorry about what Brian did to you,” Jen says. Liz switches the phone to her left ear.

“Yeah… it’s just that. I loved him so much I can’t believe he…” Liz couldn’t finish her sentence.

“I was in the same position as you, hun, trust me,”

“I can’t believe I was such an idiot. I did everything for that man,”

“Do you mind if I ask how you found out?”

“I went to surprise him at work,” Liz takes a pause. She hates the memory, “They told me he left early. He told me he was going to stay at work late. Of course he… he had been apparently working on a huge account. I wanted to surprise him with some of my mom’s Devil Cake, we both loved it. I went into the parking lot going back home when I saw his car. He was having sex with Myra in the back seat.”

“I’m speechless. I—I fell under his spell too I—” There was a knock on Liz’s door. She had ordered pizza after she ate everything out of her refrigerator. She goes to open it when she sees Brian with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

“I’ll call you back,”

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